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Adoramus Choir and Orchestra sing and perform regular orchestral and classical music concerts in Churches, Arenas, Schools and Halls in Enfield, North London, Hertfordshire and the Home Counties. The choir meet as a Christian Choral Society from many different backgrounds and age groups but with a common purpose – to enjoy making music together, to achieve a high standard and to leave our audiences with a memorable experience which is more than simply music.

"Normally three separate concerts don’t include such a wide variety of different styles. In my 14 years as pastor in Torre Pellice I have never attended such a wonderful concert – neither have I been so moved by a concert."

Pastor Bruno Rostagno, Torre Pellice (Italy)

"Yes, it was marvelous! Most enjoyable, a complete tonic! And the talent ... goodness!"

Audience member, Love Classics on Stage Concert

"A lovely selection of music - beautifully performed - moved to tears.”

Audience member, Adoramus Remembers Concert

"The entire evening was a real joy and we are most grateful for the care and sensitivity which you took to create a programme of such variety, joy and celebration. The combined forces of choir and orchestra performed to a stunningly high standard. Thank you.”

Paul and Ian Mercer, Faure Requiem Concert


Audience member, Glory of Easter Concert

"Very enjoyable, uplifting and reminded me of childhood Christmases!”

Audience member, Celebrate Christmas Concert

"The Sound of Silence" was unique and outstanding and tear jerkingly moving......" Nicki’s high notes in the “Queen of the Night" - amazing!’

Audience member, The Light that Shines in the Darkness Concert

"Adoramus’ very own ‘Italian Tenor’ hits the high notes.”

Refering to Carl an Adoramus Choir member, Summer Love Classics Concert

"I thoroughly enjoyed it; the programme, all three choirs, the orchestra, the compere, all the people I met, the atmosphere – and the ego-trip!"

Mervyn, 94 year old veteran at D-Day 75 th Anniversary Concert

"First time. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for the insightful introductions to the pieces from David.”

Audience member, Come Sing Gloria Concert

"The choir was breathtaking. Their diction was superb. It was in the Mass I finally got the message, this wasn’t a performance it was pure worship. Wonderful and wonderfully performed.”

Audience member, St Sepulchre Why? Haydn Concert


Audience member, Glory of Easter Concert

"I really enjoyed working with Adoramus. I was made so welcome and I loved the commitment and good humour expressed every week. Adoramus is a wonderful ministry and must have touched many people over the years, including many who have been helped on their journey to faith."

Bob Pepper, Guest Conductor Glory of Easter Concert

"“The music was so beautiful.”

Audience member, Music for a Summer Evening Concert

"Outstanding performance."

Audience member, Glory of Easter Concert

"I am so grateful to have had Adoramus through these (twenty) years through shared hard times and fun times."

Kate, Adoramus Choir member

"The audience were very blessed this evening.”

Audience member, Music for a Summer Evening Concert

"Absolutely brilliant."

Audience member, Glory of Easter Concert

"Fantastically moving and uplifting: a wonderful balance of music and vocals."

Audience member, Classical Christmas Cracker Concert

"I feel very blessed to be a member of such a vibrant friendly community of singers!”

Adoramus Choir member

"Listening to Adoramus choir, singers and orchestra players, one and all, with the incredible mood lighting it was truly enthralling........”

Audience member, The Light that Shines in the Darkness Concert

"Amazing, wonderful. So spiritual and uplifting."

Audience member, Gloria Concert

"It certainly was an evening of music to the glory of God and to refresh the soul.”

Audience member, Tragedy to Majesty Concert

"Fond memories: rehearsals, especially the challenge of new music, many friends in the choir, singing in the concerts with a wonderful orchestra, singing hymns as they are meant to be sung!”

Dave, Adoramus Choir member

"Listening to Adoramus choir, and orchestra players, with the angelic voices of the Polish Children’s Choir was a foretaste of heaven.”

Audience member, Heaven Touching Earth Concert

"What a lovely evening! I enjoyed every bit of it….Great choices of music, excellent sound what a great brass section you have lovely singing. Amazing how the theme of love continued through the programme and skillfully eased into an invitation to know the source of Love. Wow!"

Elspeth from Radio Verulam, Love Classics on Stage Concert

"The fact that so many members have been here a long time is an indication of how good it is."

David, Adoramus Choir member

"Lovely orchestra and beautiful singing. First time and will be definitely coming back.”

Audience member, Come Sing Gloria Concert

"Our children really enjoyed singing with the Adoramus chorus and orchestra and were in awe of their amazing sound. It was a great learning experience for them (the children) which we all appreciated."

Samantha, Musical Director of the Raglan Schools’ Choir Wonder of Christmas Concert

"Excellent, invigorating. One of the best ways to celebrate Easter."

Audience member, Glory of Easter Concert

"The whole concert was a really high standard orchestra, choir and soloists who all keep getting better and better. Possibly the best Adoramus concert yet.”

Audience member, Summer Love Classics Concert

"I truly enjoyed the concert, as did those I recommended it to. No surprise, fantastic as always.."

Audience member, Wonder of Christmas Concert

"‘Uplifting, instructional, made it real, as if I’d been through it."

Audience member, Glory of Easter Concert

"The standard is high and it motivates me to always do my best and make the most of my voice."

Sonal, Adoramus Choir member

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Who we are

The choir rehearses weekly on Tuesday nights at Christchurch Cockfosters, Barnet, EN4 9JQ. Currently comprising around 70 singers, we practise a repertoire of songs, choruses, hymns, extracts, pieces and compositions from genres including traditional, classical, choral, contemporary, gospel, pop, musicals, opera and sacred. Our orchestral musicians are either professional musicians or music students. They experience playing instrumental pieces and accompanying the choir with music of the popular Baroque and Romantic periods such as Mozart, Bach and Beethoven or Chamber music by the likes of Haydn, through to Modern composers including Aaron Copland. Members for both choir and orchestra are drawn from a wide variety of Christian backgrounds and traditions but are united in their love of music and shared faith.

The choir and orchestra are led by music director David Hooke, whose vision, commitment and expertise have made Adoramus a unique experience for singers, orchestral musicians and listeners alike was founded by David Hooke, then Music Director at Christ Church, Cockfosters.

Our Vision

Our aim throughout is to communicate aspects of the Christian faith using a high standard and variety of music in a creative and accessible way.

The vision for Adoramus came from the Greek word, homothumadon, found in the book of Acts which means “to rush along in unison”. It’s a musical image – a number of notes are played which, while different, harmonise in pitch and tone. As the instruments of an orchestra combine under a conductor’s direction, so too the lives of the members of a church blend together under Christ’s direction.

Making a vision a reality needs people who are prepared to catch it and run with it. The Adoramus community, both choir and orchestra, have been willing to identify with this vision and play their part. Many people work very hard – whether in singing or playing, publicity, graphic design, library, finance, ticket sales or catering – and we are glad it happens with love and laughter.

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